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Flatbed Support Truck
Can be configured to provide numerous support and transport functions. 
Geoprobe DT-54
Support Equipment
Limited Access Rig 
Geoprobe Unit 7720
CME 75 Drill Rig
We take pride in our selection of state of the art equipment, so that we can best serve you. 
Track-mounted; for installation of soil borings and wells up to 1" diameter pre-packed screens.
We offer a wide variety of specialty saws, jackhammers, and tools. 
Can enter any building through standard 34' wide door.
Offers heavy duty  direct push capabilities as well as hollow stem augering and SPT sampling. 
Set up for HSA and mud rotary drilling up to 12" diameter boreholes. 
Warehouse on Wheels
Heavy-duty support trailers provide power and decontamination of equipment.