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Ross Chinander 
President and Owner 
Ross Chinander has been in the environmental contracting business for more than 25 years. He has worked with various firms and companies over the years and has acquired experience in all phases of environmental and geotechnical field operations. He is an experienced operations manager, geologist, Florida state licensed water well contractor, and driller with heavy emphasis on monitoring and recovery well installation with an additional strong background in geotechnical exploration, environmental investigation, and environmental remediation work.In 1990, he became the coordinator of all activities as the Director of Operations for a full-service environmental contracting firm. He participated in design and construction phases of environmental projects to assist clients with appropriate groundwater technology for their projects. He founded NET Drilling in 1993 to provide quality drilling services to the environmental and engineering industries. As the President and owner, he is responsible for overall strategic planning and implementation of plans as well as directing day to day operations of a successful environmental contracting firm. He over sees field operations, sales, fiscal control, client relations and regulatory compliance. 

Ross Chinander currently resides in Dover, Florida with his wife, Nancy, and two daughters, Brett and Erika. In his spare time, his favorite hobby is golf.
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​Nancy Chinander is in charge of fiscal control and is the Chief Financial Officer for National Environmental Technology.She received her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin in 1984. During her career, Nancy has managed and directed operations at numerous corporations. Her corporate functions include oversight of sales, payroll, and accounting processes. Her favorite hobby is competing in figure competitions.  

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Nancy Chinander
Vice President 
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