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Project Estimator
Here is a list of our services and prices. You can enter the prices in our calculator at the bottom of the page to receive your estimation. 
1" & 2" Monitoring wells to 15" 
  Includes Manhole and Pad 

Drilled Wells 1" or 2" for depths 15' to 50' deep
  By Hollow Stem Auger or Mud Rotary-Deeper wells available

Well Pad Installation for Wells 15' and Deeper

Larger Diameter and Deeper Wells Also Available 

6" DIA. PVC Surface Casing Installed Up To 40'
  Deeper Cases Available

SPT Soil Borings to 50'
  Standard Sampling, Deeper Borings Available

1" & 2" DIA. Well Abandonments to 50' Deep 
  Well Pad Removal - $75.00 each

Direct Push Rig Daily Rate 
  Includes Soil and Groundwater Sampling

Direct Push Rig Half-Day Rate
  Includes Soil and Groundwater Sampling

1" Temporary Well Points to 20' Deep 
  In addition to daily rate

1" Pre-Packed Well w/Manhole to 20' Deep
  In Addition To Daily Rate

1" DIA. Well Slotted Screen Well to 20' Deep w/Manhole

Daily Rate For Miscellaneous Projects
  2 Man Crew

UN 1A2 55 Gallon Drums

  Actual Amount Varies Slightly With Project Location

Per Diem
  May Vary Slightly With Project Location
$500.00 per well
$24.00 per foot 
$165.00 per well
$40.00 per foot
$8.50 per foot
$90.00 per well
$1,350.00 daily
$700.00 half day
$95.00 each
$280.00 each
$160.00 each
$1,350.00 per day
$45.00 each
$2.75 per mile (2 ways)
$240.00 per crew/per night
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